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California Styling: From the golf course to the beach and everything in between

Let's talk styling. Whether you're running to the golf club for a sleepy afternoon, or the beach for an exciting party with friends, you should know how styling can make it so you don't have to wear the same outfit over and over again to your respective events.

It's the kind of thing every man struggles with. People wear the same outfit day in and day out because they're comfortable. When you're comfortable it is easy to fall into patterns. 

Dressing Up

Let's take our Koakea Short Sleeve

It is made out of a light touch material that feels awesome on the body. It can be dressed up or down depending on the type of vibe you are going for. 

We could go for a golf, country club look with an easy solid color short and low profile sneaker. It's the timeless design that we look for when we want to be classy. 

This look below is what we're talking about, a simple shirt, with a simple short. It will never go out of style. Maybe try it with a loafer, or a boat shoe for an added elegant effect.

In addition to dressing for the more formal summer events, you can pair almost the ENTIRE Coastaoro collection with a sport coat and trousers to add an edgy elegant look to your wardrobe. 

Dressing Down

So what happens when you're leaving a summer event? (i.e. the Hamptons, golf club, country dinner) 

You begin the dress down. Dressing down is a lot easier than dressing up, with Coastaoro, these shirts are meant to drape over your body with ease. Using this fact as a starting point we can start to style. 

Unbuttoning the first 1/2 buttons is a sure fire way to show casual. It will make the shoulders looser, and will give you some chest exposure. Pair them with a jean short, swim suit or anything that matches the color palette. If you want to make it tighter around the arms, you can roll up the sleeves and create a trendy / more muscle oriented fit. 

These guys are at Stagecoach music festival in Palm Springs, CA. They are wearing it casually, keeping the integrity of a button up, but leaving it light and breezy. 


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