Our Story

Our Heritage is Stitched into Every Garment

James Campbell, our lead designer, has been a designer for decades. From designer wear to his own private collection, his designs are meticulous and thoughtful. He is dedicated to creating, in his own words, "the best shirts on the planet". 
Coastaoro started out of that very need. To create the best shirts on the planet. After a break from designing, James came back into the fashion industry ready to impress. 
Driving along the highway 1 south towards Costa Mesa, the idea of COASTAORO came into his head like a daydream. COASTAORO is meant to embody the coastal lifestyle, while keeping the everyday man in mind.
There are a few key components to every COASTAORO garment.
  • Highest quality materials and textiles
  • Ultra-soft touch 
  • Timeless style 
  • Intentional designs

Our designs are meant for the everyday man who wants to embody coastal style, whether that be the cosmopolitan man, or the California rancher. 

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